Wohlstetter photos on LIFE magazine archive

Came across 14 photos of Albert Wohlstetter from the LIFE Magazine photo archive hosted by Google.

A few of the photos were taken for a 1959 profile of the RAND Corporation in LIFE Magazine:

“Valuable Batch of Brains: An Odd Little Company Called RAND Plays a Role in U.S. Defense,” LIFE, Vol. 46, No. 19 (May 11, 1959), pp. 101-107.

Most, though, were taken during a photo shoot for Wohlstetter’s contribution to LIFE Magazine’s 1960 series on America’s national purpose:

Albert Wohlstetter, “A Purpose Hammered Out of Reflection and Choice,” Life, Vol. 48, No. 24 (June 20, 1960), pp. 115, 126-134.

A version of that article is available on the RAND Corporation’s website as:

Albert Wohlstetter, No Highway to High Purpose, P-2084-RC (Santa Monica, CA: RAND Corporation, June 1960.

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