The Future Security Environment (1988)

Albert Wohlstetter Dot Com is making available a PDF version of The Future Security Environment, an October 1988 report by the Commission on Integrated Long-Term Strategy’s eponymous working group.

The Commission was chaired by Reagan’s former Undersecretary of Defense Fred C. Iklé and strategist Albert Wohlstetter. Known also as the Iklé-Wohlstetter Commission, it included a number of military and foreign policy luminaries: Ambassador Anne Armstrong, Counselor to Nixon and Ford; Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski, Carter’s national security adviser; Judge William P. Clark, Reagan’s former national security adviser; W. Graham Claytor, Jr., Carter’s deputy secretary of defense; Gen. Andrew J. Goodpaster (ret.), former Commander-in-Chief of USEUCOM and Supreme Allied Commander of NATO Forces; Adm. James L. Holloway, III (ret.), former Chief of Naval Operations; Dr. Samuel P. Huntington, prominent Harvard political scientist; Dr. Henry A. Kissinger, Nixon and Ford’s Secretary of State; Dr. Joshua Lederberg, Nobel-winning biologist; Gen. Bernard A. Schriever (ret.), U.S. Air Force proponent of ballistic missile and space programs; and Gen. John W. Vessey (ret.), former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The Commission completed its final report, Discriminate Deterrence, in January 1988.

The Future Security Environment Working Group (FSEWG) was one of several working groups that provided analyses to the Iklé-Wohlstetter Commission. Co-chaired by the Defense Department’s Office of Net Assessment director Andrew W. Marshall and RAND Corporation economist Charles Wolf, Jr., the working group’s members included: Eliot A. Cohen; David F. Epstein; Fritz Ermarth; Lawrence Gershwin; James McCrery; Jeffrey Milstein; James Roche; Thomas Rona; Stephen P. Rosen; Dennis Ross; Notra Trulock; Dov Zakheim; and rapporteur Barbara Bicksler.

Here’s the full citation for the FSEWG’s 184-page report:

The Future Security Environment, report of the Future Security Environment Working Group, submitted to the Commission on Integrated Long-Term Strategy (Washington, D.C.: U.S. Government Printing Office, October 1988).

The PDF for the report is over 13.0 megabytes, so give it a little time to load in your browser.

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