More Iklé-Wohlstetter Commission Working Group Reports (1988)

Albert Wohlstetter Dot Com is making available PDFs for three additional working group reports that were completed in 1988 as part of the Commission on Integrated Long-Term Strategy, also known as the Iklé-Wohlstetter Commission.

  • The Future of Containment, report of the Offense-Defense Working Group, submitted to the Commission on Integrated Long-Term Strategy (Washington, D.C.: U.S. Government Printing Office, October1988).

The Offense-Defense Working Group was chaired by Fred S. Hoffman and Henry S. Rowen. Members included: Marcy Agmon (PAN Heuristics), Richard Brody (Pan Heuristics), Gregory Canavan (Los Alamos National Laboratory), Robert Chandler (PAN Heuristics), David Cotter (Center for Strategic Concepts), James Digby (PAN Heuristics), George Donohue (RAND Corporation), Thomas Evans (APL, Johns Hopkins University), Theodore S. Gold (Hicks & Associates), Dennis Gormley (Pacific Sierra Research Corp.), Craig Hartsell (Consultant), Roland Herbst (R&D Associates), ADM Staser Holcomb (U.S. NAVY, Ret.), Albert Latter (R&D Associates), GEN Edward C. Meyer (U.S. ARMY, Ret.), Leon Sloss (Leon Sloss Associates), GEN John Vogt (U.S. AIR FORCE, Ret.), James Wade (Systems Planning Corps.), Richard Wagner (Kaman Sciences Corp.), and Michael Yarymovych (Strategic Defense Center).

The Working Group on Technology was chaired by Charles Herzfeld. Members included Paul Baran, Richard Brody, Thomas Evans, Robert Frosch, Robert Hermann, Donald Hicks, Anthony Iorillo, Paul Kozemchak, Ken Kresa, Stephen Lukasik, J. Luguire, Hans Mark, J. J. Martin, John McDonald, Robert Turner, GEN Jasper Welch (U.S. AIR FORCE, Ret.), and Albert Wheelon. Government advisers included Marvin Atkins, William Graham, John Mansfield, Thomas Rona, and James Tegnelia.

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